So I’ve been talking for a long time now about transition, changing etc and now the time has come. So, let me take you back a bit.



The Ene-Me…

I even made myself a vision board. Don’t even ask if I’ve done half of what I’ve put on it. 

You Too Push Up!

By now y’all should know that if the title is in dialect it means I kinda heated about the issue.

Red-y or Not! (The Journey)

Now, as my time in Grenada comes to a close I’ve made a decision to do something crazy and outrageous for me. Keep in mind that I’ve always felt incapable of making these decisions and always tried to live in the box at least appearance wise. And so, being the fiery person I am I decided to try ….. well, I’ll show rather than tell.

Permission To Fly

I was born to a pastor and a warden. Fine, I’m kidding about the warden part, but best believe my mom would crush that job.

“They Need Help. FaReal!”

Many times in life people will do underhanded, devious and just straight up malicious things to you, and you know what? We should feel sorry for them.


By Jonathan ‘Semaj’ James The true task of a Christian Is to take what is gained from worship and apply it to everyday life. Christians speak their own vernacular, their own language – so is it any wonder we’re misunderstood by the world? The sad thing is, we ourselves have fallen prey to this disconnect…

Life in HD

So, for anyone who has been reading my blogs or following me for some time, I’m pretty sure there’s one word that definitely comes to mind when you think of me – inconsistent. No, I’m not being too hard on myself. I can trace my life and highlight the moments when I got inspired and…

Learning to live with BM Syndrome

For years I have struggled, questioned and just plain out resented what I thought was an abnormality. Why couldn’t I be like everyone else? Why was I being picked on and treated differently. Sure, I have my good days when everything feels great and I feel loved and accepted but then I have another flare…

Why So Edgy?

My friend and I usually have a good laugh when we see people being unnecessarily “edgy”. In fact, I can practically hear him saying, “That’s  pretty edgy, man” and I already wanna crack up. Now don’t get me wrong. We aren’t the kinds of people who shy away from heavy topics or themes that make…

When The Lie is Rewarded 

I recently alluded to some changes in my life, one of which involved my teaching career and for the most part, I have been very diplomatic about it, but now I have decided to fight. Corruption is an issue that I have extreme intolerance for because of how I was raised. Sure, it may be…