You will forever spend your life trying to please and appease these people unless you realize the need to stay true to who you are. 


I’m not driving on empty…at least not per se. No, it’s more like I’m on autopilot Cruising. My tank is full, mind you Everything is up to standard But my GPS… Well, that’s another story. Is it that it’s easier to plot a course when you know exactly where you want to go? But when…

‘Little Wonders’

W.E.J – Day#3 You know that feeling when you’re with your favorite group of friends? When the jokes are the best they’ve ever been, or at least they all seem to because of the mood? If you know it, then have you ever had a moment where you just take it all in, wishing it…

W.E.J – Write Every Day in July

W.E.J – Day#2 No, this time there will be no prefaces, no half-hearted explanations of being busy or anything. We all know that I have a major problem with sticking to things (aka. commitment and discipline) so this July I will be writing something every day. I may not post it every day (I still…

Real Value

My point is, love is fundamentally connected to value. We love something because we value it.

If you can’t trust Pizza…Things bad

Now, I have been an avid fan of tv for years. (Have you seen how slim she’s gotten over the years? Grr) Anyway, there was no scene in tv history that could have prepared me for that BETRAYAL.


So I’ve been talking for a long time now about transition, changing etc and now the time has come. So, let me take you back a bit.


The Ene-Me…

I even made myself a vision board. Don’t even ask if I’ve done half of what I’ve put on it. 

You Too Push Up!

By now y’all should know that if the title is in dialect it means I kinda heated about the issue.

Red-y or Not! (The Journey)

Now, as my time in Grenada comes to a close I’ve made a decision to do something crazy and outrageous for me. Keep in mind that I’ve always felt incapable of making these decisions and always tried to live in the box at least appearance wise. And so, being the fiery person I am I decided to try ….. well, I’ll show rather than tell.