Neji Hyuuga: A Tribute

Soo, I’m anticipating it, the question: “So, what does HyuugaJ mean? Like why is that your blog address?” And I am ready to answer that, soooo ready! Super ready! Ok, you get it.

A few years ago I was a Naruto guy. I was 100% into the show. I did the binge watching, the Manga reading, the research ( ohhh the research. Those who know me will tell you. Once I start to like something, I go all out to know EVERYTHING about it)

So, yeah. I was all about Naruto yet, he wasn’t the character who appealed to me. Which, on a side note, is one of the things  I admire most about Masashi Kishimoto – the ability to make such a wide array of characters  and have them be so interesting that they each have their own huge following.

Anyway, for me it was NEJI HYUYGA.


Notice the bold, italics and underline? Yah, he’s that big of a deal to me. Neji, like most of the characters was a ninja. (Notice the was and move on. We will get there soon enough.) He was a member of the noble house of Hyuuga. However due to the rules of his family he was put into the lower house and had to become a servant of those in the main branch. Which really sucked cause his dad was the twin brother of the head of the clan  so he was practically main branch, plus members of the  lower branch had to be branded with a cursed mark on their foreheads which the main branch members could activate with a hand gesture. What did it do you wonder? Oh, nothing much, just basically microwave their brains. So of course the main branch jerks used it to keep them in line.


Stay with me, I’m getting to why I admire this fictional  character so much.
True to life and it’s weird twists, Neji who was now a branch member soon proved to be the new prodigy of the clan. He was told that he had the strongest genes of all the Hyuuga. The kid was just flat out amazing. And this got his dad upset because knowing your son had so much potential  but could only ever be a servant really grinded his gears.
This only got worse when his niece, the heiress of the clan, turned out to be extremely weak, so weak that her younger sister was considered as the new heiress instead of her.
Neji’ s dad got even angrier.

To this point Neji was still pretty ok. Until one day an enemy snuck in to kill his cousin. His uncle killed the enemy and smoothly carried on. Unfortunately, their village had a truce with this other group and by breaching it, the Hyuugas now had to pay. They demanded that a life be given for a life.
This was all a scheme of course so those other ninja could get the Byakugan (Bee-yah-coo-gone). -sigh- I had been trying to ignore this but it seems like we have to. I was hoping you people could look past people’s appearance. You see those weird  eyes, well let’s just say they gave them super abilities and it was a family trait.
Anyway, the other ninjas wanted to gain this power which is why they had sent the assassin.
This is where it gets deep. Neji’s uncle was willing to pay for his deed but everyone knew that if he died, the enemy would take the eye and transplant it. So Neji’s dad volunteered. As a branch member, once he died,the curse mark would seal his abilities. His brother told him no, but Neji’s dad remarked that for the first time he could choose his own destiny. So he died and no one thought to tell Neji the reason. Thus, Neji grew up hating the main branch. Until He met Naruto who proved to him that  fate wasn’t decided until you decide it. From then on, Neji became a champion of proving that He would never stop fighting  to decide his own fate.


Couple all that with the fact that Hyuuga means towards the sun and you’ll get  why I admire the kid. He is talented, had a rough family situation but he had a wake up call which set him to make  the most of every day.
And that’s sort of my motto too.

So, when Neji died protecting his cousin and Naruto, he felt at peace, knowing he decided  his fate and had truly let go of all his hatred and resentment.


Not gonna lie. I shed a few tears  when he died, a testament of just how much this character resonated with me and the person I want to be. Now you know why I call myself…


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