The Ene-Me…

Every hero has a villain and you all know that I see myself as the greatest hero of all time. My powers? Well those are debatable (and I wouldn’t want you to be too awestruck lol). So it stands to reason that if I’m a hero then I would have a villain. Guess who it is.

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That’s right. My biggest enemy is myself. Sorry to those out there who might have thought they were. I literally don’t have time to tolerate b-list villains when I’m standing in my own way. I actually think that’s a hilarious image. I dare you to physically try to stand in your way.

It’s just upsetting because if the villain is you, the villain already knows how to foil the hero’s plots. And Best believe I’ve got a lot of plans. I’ve been very ambitious this year. I even made myself a vision board. Don’t even ask if I’ve done half of what I’ve put on it.

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Yes, yes. I know I’ve achieved a few things this year. My confidence has been through the roof. Well maybe not the roof, more like just below the attic. But someone else might have already felt satisfied. But not this guy. Not this hero. I swear if my hero self were half as dedicated as my villainous, undermining side, there’d be no stopping me.

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Instead, my villain has me complacent, lethargic and the deadliest of all distracted. Which is the perfect counter to me. What can I say, I know how to break me down. It’s taken me a while to sort of get myself to refocus but I vow that today the hero is fighting back using his powers of scheduling, discipline (I hope I have some left) and sticktoitivity. 

I know that I’m not the only one who has to push themselves to overcome their inner enemy but as my mom always say: “Jonathan, you need to beat your body into subjection.” So let’s all do our best to be more organized, disciplined and focus and finally let our hero defeat our villain.

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~No matter what, always aim towards the sun~

Jonathan ‘Semaj’ James


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  1. OMG Sweety, I just posted with similar content… confirmation. Love ya hun! We are gonna get there💋

    1. jpjh says:

      We’ve got to!!

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