So I’ve been talking for a long time now about transition, changing etc and now the time has come. So, let me take you back a bit.

MY LIFE HAS BEEN COMFORTABLE.comfortableHonestly, my parents aren’t the wealthiest but I’ve had everything I needed and quite a lot of what I wanted. Beyond that, I have been blessed in ways that have made schooling and even my work life not too difficult. As a leader, despite its challenges, things went well and I always somehow knew what to do. And guess what, after some time, I realized that I relied less on God and more on me, well, except for singing. Y’all best believe  when much I say my voice is on loan.believeit

Dad must have seen this, I guess. Because in spite of my achievements -and he was proud I promise- he just never seemed satisfied. (Hamilton fans, I see you)Image result for hamilton satisfied gif

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I was meant to teach for three years then leave – I taught for five. So when my dad started approaching me about how I was ‘late’ and his idea for me to make my steps, I’m not gonna lie to you. I hyperventilated. I couldn’t imagine life without my parents and friends. And that was the problem: I needed to let them go.

(Guys, Guys, wait…It’s not like that, you know I love you)

Ever since I’ve known myself, I’ve always been a pusher. Image result for i'm a pusher gif

I’ll push you to be your best, your brightest and your strongest, but with me I was content with where I was. Did I say I was comfortable before? Yeah I was. It’s funny how I didn’t realize that what I needed was a push myself. But it couldn’t be a push where i was. No. Home was my comfort zone and though I love my friends and family to Pluto and back, my true leveling up could only happen when I was on my own.

level up image

So that finally leads me to why I’ve written this post. I have now been in the US for a week and two days, and my new home for one week, and let me tell you, leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My church gave me a wonderful sendoff, and friends and family held a farewell party for me in which they shared just how much I had done to help and impact their lives. And guys – I’m tearing up here – I think that was what I needed. Knowing how loved, treasured and appreciated was one thing, but it also gave me closure. I’ve done my work here and now it’s my turn to go. I could rest easy because I knew I’d done my part.

I’ve gotta say that the road ahead is not going to be easy. I’m already a bit pressured but I’ve always held on to this:

Image result for the guidance of god will never lead you

So, I’ve been uprooted, but like the title of a sermon I preached when I was thirteen said – “Bloom where you are planted.”

Bye Y’all!  Stay tuned, Y’all!

No matter what, always head towards the sun”



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  1. Jo says:

    All I Can say is Amen. What else. I indeed think that this is closure. I wish you everything that God has for you Jonathan . I love you so much, And it’s so emotional to think about the greatness inside of you. Just don’t sell yourself short, Please, for your potential ‘S sake. I’ll be praying for you. And evental when I dont God Will remind my spirit to. Cause yes you are that important And I love you Jonathan. You don’t know what’s inside you. Trust me. Please remember that God is always your source for everything. If you CAN’t pray, then write, if you CAN’t sing then speak, because God has chosen you for such an amazing time as this. Looking forward to hearing updates. Move forward And never quit, ever.

  2. ChrisJamal says:

    Thanks for shedding light and also being a source of encouragement for many. I know God is about to do great thinga in your life. Don’t be an Israelite looking back to what things would have been and ur safety net because God moves mightiliy out of ypur comfort zone. Knowing the next step is boring..bleh who wants that. God seeks risk takers and because you gave him your life which was a risk, now he can step in show up and show off. Watch Him work it may not always seem the best at the moment but ALL things work together for GOOD!

  3. Sharon says:

    An exceptional piece. I already see hints of your path. Continue to keep us posted. Your pieces are so natural and engaging. Even the read haters will sit tight. Keep on keeping on love, and keep on keeping us “in the lop”. Love you hun!

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