If you can’t trust Pizza…Things bad

You know those ads for restaurants and eateries? The ones with all the gooey, melty cheese and impossibly fluffy potatoes? Yeah. I hate em. Why? Cause those commercials tend to come up when ya boy is hungry and more than likely broke. But, you know what’s worse? When you dig under your couch, search your car, and borrow from your mother’s wallet to find the change to buy said advertised food, and then the thing looks NOTHING LIKE THE AD. Worse yet, it doesn’t taste good.

I remember one time, my friends and I were on a hunt for the best pizza in the island and found ourselves at one particular establishment. Well, of course, we were excited. Then the pizza came and LET ME TELL YOU, the only good bite was the first. Right after that first bite, there was a gust of wind you see. It blew its chilly goodness over us, but we had no fear; we had our warm pizza to keep us safe…or so we thought. I don’t know what chemical reaction took place, but after that, we were eating cardboard.

Image result for cardboard pizza

Now, I have been an avid fan of tv for years. (Have you seen how slim she’s gotten over the years? Grr) Anyway, there was no scene in tv history that could have prepared me for that BETRAYAL.

Image result for betrayal gif

I was about to pen a Shakespeare-esque play. I swear. Then to make it worse, the menu began laughing at me. The photographs of perfect pizza wonder just seemed to hiss and jeer at me for being such a fool. I have yet to fully recover

(Pizza, we could have had a life together)

Image result for we could have had it all gif

Ehem, What’s my point? The meal didn’t live up to the hype. They advertised pizza but we got some off-color Elmer’s glue on top of a Bermudez box corner. In the same way, a lot of people in our lives aren’t living up to the hype. They come in under names like friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, prime minister, president, pizza. (Sorry, that last one just came out.) Then, they fail to meet the image that was conjured in our minds by that word.

I wrote about titles a few months ago here, so check that out.

Still, can I pose a question to you? Whose fault is that? I mean, yes the person obviously failed to live up to what the name meant, but is it really their fault? Ok. This is where it gets tricky. I put the blame on both parties.

  1. The person for sucking so bad. Haha….no seriously, I actually meant to write that. If the person accepted the title, it means they ought to live up to it. END OF STORY. And if at some point they realize they can’t then, said person should admit to it and make a move to either become more like what they signed up for; or just move…..like the heat from the pizza did. Just vacate.
  2. YOU (obviously) – Some of us, including me, are too quick to jump at what the ad says. We don’t pay enough attention to the questions we should be asking. We need to ask ourselves first and foremost what are we looking for? Should we lower our standards if they are too high? Does this person (or food item) really meet that criteria? If they can, do they want to?  And finally, if that’s the case, are you willing to abandon the time, energy and expectations you had placed on it/them/he/she?

Image result for stop and think gif

Truthfully, being let down is going to happen over and over for as long as you live. But being intentional in relationships, friendships, food ships or whatever, is absolutely necessary. Expectations are lovely but in most cases, don’t believe the hype. And don’t be too quick to put a pizza label on what is most certainly a box formerly used to hold Charmin.



“No matter what, always head towards the sun.”



(None of the images or gifs are my creation)

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