Real Value


(No, my Grenadian Friends…this isn’t about the supermarket.)

I spent the first hours of my morning really trying to start my day right (and by that, I don’t mean exercise which I CLEARLY need to do. I’ll get to it later I promise.)

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No, this morning, I woke up and spent some time focusing my attention on my faith. It led to me looking at an amazing video about love, that really got me thinking.

Love is probably one of the most overused, played out, run down, cliched words in the world. And yet, its value – its TRUE worth- hasn’t diminished. If anything, it’s gotten stronger because now that we try not to use the ‘L-word’, we fail to recognize just how ever-present it is, especially as MOTIVATION.  Wars have been waged for love. Cures have been found. Babies have been made!

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(What? It’s true. don’t act like it isn’t)

My point is, love is fundamentally connected to value. We love something because we value it. The war was waged because someone valued rights and freedom. The cure was found because someone valued the lives of others. The baby was made because….well, let’s just say a lot of things were valued.  But seriously, even if Huggles the teddy bear is absolutely worthless, just try to take it away from five-year-old Jonathan.

Image result for grabbing teddybear gif You see, there’s no telling what people will place value on.

Just last week in a class, I saw a guy get super agitated because someone sat in his seat. To me, it was a small matter, but then again, I was firmly planted in the seat I had been in since January…so maybe, it was bigger than I thought. It would be easy to feel like the person who took your seat was being malicious towards you. Obviously, the person knew that you always sat there. Obviously, they must have wanted to upset you. Obviously, they were out to hurt you.  Right?

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Maybe not! Chances are, you weren’t even on the person’s mind when they sat there. Maybe they had a hard day and just needed a seat close to the door so they could leave as soon as possible. Maybe they were expecting a phone call. Maybe they just wanted to be like me and sit near the front of the class.

And this, funnily enough, is the very reason we have so much fighting and arguments. Many times, we don’t really go against people. Rather, we have a clash of values and beliefs. We see this a lot in people who have to encounter each other repeatedly because we expect them to know better since they have actually had some level of experience with us.

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But I am learning that we shouldn’t expect someone to place Real Value on something just because we do.

I have a lot more to say on this topic, and if you see any value in what I’m saying, stay tuned for the rest of The Value Series.

“No matter what, always head towards the sun.”




(None of the images or gifs are my creation)

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