W.E.J – Write Every Day in July

W.E.J – Day#2

No, this time there will be no prefaces, no half-hearted explanations of being busy or anything. We all know that I have a major problem with sticking to things (aka. commitment and discipline) so this July I will be writing something every day.

I may not post it every day (I still have a fondness for pen and paper) but I want to make sure that the well of my creativity is always flowing. Some days it may be shallower than others, some days I will have bucketfuls of creativity at my disposal, but the goal is to be consistent.

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What this post is about is really welcoming the need for community in this. It doesn’t have to be much. Maybe you will decide to join me on this, or maybe you might just drop me a line to see if I’m writing. Whatever it is, I’m learning that when it comes to overcoming laziness, procrastination, and other self-destructive habits, we all need support.

(Soon, I’ll be able to say I’m doing this for diet and exercise too. Buh doh rush me.  Tanx)

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ps. And yes, I did write yesterday.


~No matter what, always head towards the sun~

Jonathan ‘Semaj’ James



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