Recently, a friend of mine explained that his favorite thing about photography was the editing. He explained that it was in the editing stage that he could share his worldview, his unique stance, and expression. Just like how we can take a selfie and modify it with the right filter. Image result for selfie

And that made me think.

There are people who, despite your best efforts to show them, will never see or understand who you are, but will see you through the lens of their own perception.

Image result for perception

You will forever spend your life trying to please and appease these people unless you realize the need to stay true to who you are.  I am not saying in any way, shape, or form that these people always mean you ill. On the contrary, they may genuinely have the best intentions for you. But, if you spend your whole life trying to teach a cheetah how to fly, it will never learn just how fast it can run.

Image result for teaching a fish to fly

My point? You have a calling and a destiny that YOU ALONE can walk. There are people who may never understand the entirety of your story but after reading one chapter may have their own idea of how your story should end. Am I saying not to take their advice? No. I am not. But just like brewing coffee, we have to FILTER out what we need and leave the rest behind. See and appreciate their heart, but protect yours.

Image result for coffee filter

Know who you are. Know what you stand for. Be YOU regardless.



~No matter what, always head towards the sun.~




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  1. Chris Jamal says:

    Very true. You have to learn to love people for who they are personality wise. Understanding someone is very technical even individuals who design things don’t even always know the full potential of the product. However with the help of God we can genuinely understand the relationships we have as time is a key factor. Then guidance we give when necessary would have purpose when we lay aside what we would like to see and allow what is best for them to be our goal.

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