Holding On To Yesterday – By Jonathan ‘Semaj’ James

I would try to hold on. Well, that was what I had promised myself- even when it all seemed to be crumbling around me; I would hold on. And yet, little by little, bit by blistering, tear inducing bit, I felt it all slipping out of my grasp. Felt the unmistakable twinge of lifelines, tethers, bursting away until all I was left with was you.

Truth? For a long time you were all that kept me here, but now, sadly, I don’t think you’re enough.

So, I’m playing around with the idea of just risking it all and letting go; teasing the idea around in my mouth like one of those Ferrero Rocher chocolates that I simultaneously want to preserve and devour.
I pause, my eyes glistening, and watch the ink dry on the piece of parchment. It’s confusing. I’m not even sure why I’m writing this letter. The sentiments are most assuredly genuine and most definitely mine, but for the first time in my existence I’m not sure whether I’m right or wrong, and that makes all the difference.