What I’ve Been Looking For

For years I’ve battled, for years I’ve fought,

Yet, only now do I know what it’s been about.

I was searching for something, something more,

Longing and hoping that something better was in store.

I searched for it in books, getting lost in the pages,

Became new people, experienced life in all its phases.

I grew wings, I used wands, I hunted, I swam,

But when the last page was closed, I was still who I am.

I searched for it in music, each delicious melody,

Hooked by a beat, enraptured in harmony.

I’d sing, I’d jive, I’d play, I’d groove,

But when it was all done, nothing really moved.

I looked for it in friends, in their laughter, their smiles.

There were moments I know, will last for lifetimes.

We’d go out, we’d stay in, we’d tell jokes, and we’d share,

But when I’m alone, I know it’s only me here.

So what is it I want, what I desire, what I seek?

Can it truly be found can it ever be reached?

I don’t say yes because I’m a Christian,

I say because I know,

That wen God is in the picture, I don’t feel so on my own.

Truth is, I’m lonely by nature, truth is I’m always kinda sad.

But holding friends books and music as lifelines, will surely drive me mad.

Books are predictable,

Music only goes so far,

And though you share and share,

A friend never truly knows your heart.

There are things in us, we don’t even dare admit

Things that sometimes…how do I put it.

There are parts of us that scare us,

Things we think no one else will understand,

And so just maybe, what I’ve been lookin for, is simply the Saviour’s hand.